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Birth Chart Mapping Session

Do you want to learn more about your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs, so that you can get to know your astrology more intimately?

Or maybe you just want an introduction to your astrology and gain some insight you yourself can use in unlocking the keys to your astrological kingdom.

If this sounds like you, my birth chart mapping sessions are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I’ll give you a complete overview of your chart and how you can read it/use the information in your life and give you 48 hours of email support after our initial call, so that I can answer any additional questions and queries that come up as you explore your chart.

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of what a birth chart is, how to read it, and the basic symbols and placements

  • An overview of your astrological personality from your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs that you can use to understand your emotions, relationships, work, family, and money

  • Guidance on how you can best tap into the energies of your dominant signs to better the quality of your life


– 10-minute introductory call with instructions on how to interpret the chart & high-level analysis

– A copy of your birth chart complete with easy labeling for you to keep forever

– Email Q&A for 48 hours after the call

Investment: $39

I’m ready to book my session

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