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“Erin really opened my eyes to the ways that I need to honor my process and work in a way that works for me. I DON’T need to have 26 projects actively open in the pipeline at one time – I can think about them, but I don’t have to take action on them right away. Her reading gave me clarity about how to proceed in my business in a way that’s going to feel good and that’s going to keep me motivated from beginning to end with my projects. I don’t throw this word around a lot because it’s overused, but her reading was 100% life-changing for me. There are those before/after moments in life and I’ve found a new one “before I did my business astrological reading with Erin and after I did my business astrological reading with Erin.” This should be absolutely mandatory for anybody who is getting into business, feeling lost in their business, or wanting to know how to play up their strengths and be aware of their weaknesses. I literally can’t say enough good things about Erin and her reading or recommend it enough. This was by far the best money that I’ve spent in my business and I would confidently have paid 10x that for the value that I received during our intensive.”

Erika Ashley

Coach & Entreprenuer, The Story Alchemist

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