You cannot give what you’re unwilling to acknowledge that you have.

We spend so much of our lives hiding: fearing the pain of vulnerability, the sting of rejection, the pain of separation. So, we hide who we are. We live with shame because it’s less scary than the alternative of being seen.
But here’s the thing: the only way we can be our best selves and reach our greatest potential is if we allow ourselves to be exposed.

Without complete nakedness, we can’t show up completely as we are. We can’t give our talents, share our truths, tell our stories: because they’re being concealed.

The road to freedom is paved with glass since truth cannot ever be separate from greatness. We are great because we are ourselves in the purest form.

Learn how to embrace exposure instead of shying away from it and you’ll set yourself free.

Here’s where to start:

  1. Say how you really feel: When someone asks how you’re doing or how your day is, don’t respond with a default “good,” or “okay,” and instead take the opportunity to show up. Say how you really are feeling, without shame or fear. By showing your vulnerability, your not only giving yourself this chance to be real, but you’re also giving others permission to show up, too.
  2. Do things that scare you: When you actively feel fear about a person, situation, activity, event, or object, seek it out. Take risks. Do things that frighten you…and stay in the fear. Achieving our fear tends to come with a lot of social shame, since there is pressure to be strong and stoic.
  3. Speak up: If something is bothering you, if you have a contribution you’d like to make in a work meeting, or someone is taking advantage of you…speak up! Don’t hold yourself back out of fear of looking foolish. Owning your truth in small moments like these will make it easier to own it in larger moments and serve as a solid starting point.

Exposure doesn’t have to come with the implication of shame or humiliation that we typically associate it with. Instead, learn to see exposure as truth-telling or even as an act of courage. Let yourself be open and unapologetic.



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