I want to get real with you- like really, really real.

A lot has been going on in my world over the last few months- I moved, I got into an amazing new relationship, and most importantly, I worked on myself.

But this means I haven’t really been emotionally available to serve you- and I’m sorry about that.

I know I haven’t been showing up as fully as I could have. I know I haven’t been giving all of you, my amazing community, as much love, support, and guidance as I could have been.

Let me explain why I’ve been so distant and inconsistent.

I started coaching back in April of 2016, a little less than a year ago, because I wanted to both help other women to empower themselves, and I wanted to create a more, happy and fulfilled life for myself by answering my soul’s call to do my life’s work as a spiritual teacher and healer.

Answer the call I did- I hired a business coach, created a new website, created offers, and was off to the races.

I couldn’t believe how much success I had in such a short amount of time- by June I’d worked with 15+ women to create their best alignment through astrology and business. I’d done readings, intensives, coaching, birth chart analysis…I was on a roll and looked unstoppable.

That is, until I did stop.

In July, everything came to a screeching halt. After I had a failed, half-assed 4th of July offer, I felt that familiar rush of insecurity and shame around my business that I’d felt any time I had failed to live up to my own expectations in the past.

So, I took a step back. I worked with the clients I had, but wasn’t doing much to bring new people in the door. I also had just received more responsibility at my job (in addition to coaching, I work in social media for a nonprofit, in a remote position), and figured “Heck, why not just enjoy what’s happening now?”

Big mistake.

When you become complicent in your life, you invite in mediocrity. Soon, my mental health was getting out of control, I was so depressed and trying to hide it that I was barley able to accomplish the most basic of task. I felt that if I exposed myself too much though, I’d look like I had no business trying to help other women and would be “exposed.”

So, I started hiding. I would get excruciating anxiety every time I even thought about posting an offer. I would be so afraid that I would fail, that I wouldn’t even try.

After I did get my own ish together and health under control (thank you, Dr. Dale!), I started slowly rebuilding my confidence.

I started writing again, livestreaming, posting a bit of inspiration here and there. Strategizing as to how I could make my dream of coaching other women a reality.

During this time, I also realized I’d felt stifled by the box I’d put myself in before, as a pure astrologist. In reality, my coaching practice is intuitive- based on many of the various intuitive arts coming together- metaphysics, A Course in Miracles, psychology, Buddhism, mindfulness, numerology, tarot, meditation, chakras. What makes me so unique is my spot-on intuitive ability, that allows me to gain incredible emotional and psychological insight into someone very quickly, without prior history, combined with my depth of knowledge in a boatload of different spiritual disciplines.

So I’ve been sitting on that, sitting on that, sitting on that- and now, I’m here.

I’m back for real.

No more BS opt-ins, emails every 2 months, playing small. I AM REALLY HERE AND READY TO PLAY!

I hope you’re here with me, to learn, to discover, and play with the magic of spirit together!

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With all of my love,

Erin McKelle

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