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Hi beautiful, I’m Erin!

I’ve had many titles in my life, but I’m most proud to call myself your life coach, who’s going to help you to connect your heart to your hustle.

I spent the better part of my life living in fear. Fear that I would never make something of myself. Fear that I was an imposter- that any succeed that I did have was a mistake, or was undeserved. Worst of all, was my fear of failure.

All of this led me to hide myself in a mask of shame that I carried around constantly. I was afraid that I would never be able to live my dreams, because I wasn’t worthy of having them come to fruition. I became addicted to work, achievement, and the rush of success I would feel when I got another step up the ladder. Although I seemed like I had it all together on the outside, I was a mess internally.

For a while, I was able to still hold it together. I had built a communications consulting business while I was still an undergrad, spoken at national conferences about my work in women’s empowerment activism, was writing for nationally recognized publications, and had an overall comfortable life. It was all great, but inside, I was unhappy. I realized that I was miserable thinking about work everyday and was only lit up by what I was doing in my off time- studying psychology, delving into the world of self-improvement, and intuitive healing. That is, until I decided to quit the game.

What would happen if I put myself first? Believed in myself enough to walk away from the projects that were no longer serving me? What if I lived life on my own terms, without a safety net? What if I stopped relying on materialism to satisfy my inner cravings for peace?

I took on my inner demons and won, the undisputed, undefeated champ.

I believed in myself enough to go for it in business.

I made it happen, because I was willing to do the inner-work necessary to overcome my own worst enemy: myself.

Working through my inner turmoil led me to develop a killer instinct in entrepreneurship that’s made working towards my business goals a joy, rather than a job. I’ve learned that taking a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, that considers your whole self, is the key for overcoming any obstacles life may have in store for you.

All of this I learned through my own accord, through my own personal power. Now, I’m ready to share my bounty with you.

Is your heart open and ready to break free of shame and self-sabotage? If you feel yourself lighting up at the thought of this empowerment, answer the call.


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