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Courtney Nicole Good

Business Coach & Ladyboss , Coached by Courtney

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Who are you?

How would you answer this question- with your your roles of mom, sister, or wife? Your professional title and accomplishments? Your interests and passions? Your inner desires?

The true answer is all of the above.

Although answering this question is often seen as a lifelong quest, the answers have actually been in front of you the whole time- in the form of astrology.

Did you know you have a unique birth chart that is had by you and only you? That the precise moment and place you were born has written out a beautiful path of divine destiny, waiting for you to discover? Or, that the answers about your deepest struggles and challenges in life have already been predicted?

Astrology has been around for over 3500 years and is older than almost all modern-day religions. In fact, it was highly regarded throughout history, as a legitimate form of inquiry. It’s an amazing way to get to know who you are and how your life relates to the bigger picture of the universe.

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Ready to be introduced to your divine destiny? I’ve got two amazing packages you’re going to LOVE:

  1. 30 Minute Astrology Reading: Do you want complete astrological clarity around your signs, planets, and houses? Do you want to understand your alignments? What challenges and obstacles you’re going to be facing? I deliver all of this and so much more during my 30 minute astrology readings, perfect for those who want to understand who they are astrologically.In 30 minutes together, I’ll give you:
    • A complete birth chart analysis and a copy of your birth chart for you to keep forever, complete with easy to read labeling
    • An analysis on your divine destiny and what you’re hear to learn about in this lifetime
    • Feedback on how you can get into better alignment and get more satisfaction in your relationships, money, & work
    • Clarity around what you value and the matters you’ll need to pay extra attention to
    • Self-care analysis, based around your unique astrological alignment
    • Guidance around how you should approach specific situations in regards to anything you may have questions about: career, finances, friendships, love, and more!


    • 30 minute reading that will take place via phone
    • A copy of your birth chart created by me
    • Email Q&A for up to 48 hours after the call


2. Birth Chart Mapping Sessions: Looking to understand WTF a birth chart is and actually learn how to read yours? Do you want to learn more about your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs, so that you can get to know your astrology more intimately? Or maybe you just want an introduction to your astrology and gain some insight you yourself can use in unlocking the keys to your astrological kingdom.

If this sounds like you, my birth chart mapping sessions are exactly what you’ve been looking for. I’ll give you a complete overview of your chart and how you can read it/use the information in your life and give you 48 hours of email support after our initial call, so that I can answer any additional questions and queries that come up as you explore your chart.

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of what a birth chart is, how to read it, and the basic symbols and placements
  • An overview of your astrological personality from your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs that you can use to understand your emotions, relationships, work, family, and money
  • Guidance on how you can best tap into the energies of your dominant signs to better the quality of your life


– 10 minute introductory call with instructions on how to interpret the chart & high-level analysis

– A copy of your birth chart complete with easy labeling for you to keep forever

– Email Q&A for 48 hours after the call


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 If you are:

  • An empowered woman who is ready to learn more about herself

  • Excited about the possibilities your personal astrology has to offer

  • Curious about astrology can be used in your everyday life

  • A life-long learner who is open-minded and loves to explore new possibilities

  • Drawn to the topics and ideas of spirituality, intuition, and mindset

 This opportunity is perfectly aligned for you.

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